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We are proud of our Conservation Pledge:
I Give My pledge As An American To Save And Faithfully To Defend From Waste The natural Resources Of My Country...
The Soil, Water, Air, Minerals, Plant and Wildlife. This is our pledge.

*** Apply For Membership On The 1st Thursday Of Every Month
...And ONLY on the 1st Thursday of each month. Membership is currently near full! 

*** No Burning On Sundays *** matter how cold it gets! This is a local municipal rule. Thanks for your cooperation. 

*** Please Help Care For The Grounds ***

We need your help to maintain the facilities and keep costs low. Please take care of things you see that need done. If lights are on, turn them off. If the trash is full, empty it. Clean-up your shells. Don't give legs to the garbage bags, magazines, etc. so they can walk away. As this is a volunteer-run organization, all help is appreciated!

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