Automated Shooting Lanes

Seven individual lanes, all with their own lighting, and computerized target controls, Our indoor range is up to date both in terms of safety and functionality.

Our range is a target range only, no "practical" or "tactical" work is permitted. We offer a place to hone those handgun skills in terms of accuracy  from 20' to 50' with state of the art equipment. For those who have a need for longer distances, please use our Outdoor Range with both 50 and 100 yard distances. 

Range hours are 8:00 am until 11:00pm every day. 

If you would like additional information regarding this range please Contact Us.

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1.    Allowed Firearms
       a.    Pistols firing .45 caliber or smaller
       b.    Rifles firing .22 caliber long rifle
2.    Prohibited Firearms
       a.    Shotguns
       b.    Rifles other than .22 caliber long rifle
       c.    Pistols firing larger than .45 caliber
       d.    Any firearm capable of firing fully automatic
3.    Prohibited ammunition
       a.    Armor piercing
       b.    High Velocity, except .22 long rifle
       c.    Wild-cat loads
       d.    Shot shells or shotgun slugs
       e.    Any necked down cartridges
       f.    Black powder
4.    No shooting while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
5.    Eye & Ear Protection must be worn at all times while in the Firing Range
6.    Firearms must be SAFE except when at Firing Line and Ready to Fire. SAFE is:
       a.    Unloaded with magazines removed
       b.    Actions open – slides back or cylinders open
       c.    Loading and unloading firearms permitted only on the firing line
       d.    Only one loaded gun per shooter
       e.    No holstered firearms in the range at any time, except ON DUTY law enforcement.
7.    No-one is allowed downrange of firing line
       a.    Only exception is to retrieve a fallen target
       b.    If you must go downrange:
              •    All Firearms in Range must be SAFE
              •    No firearms shall be handled
8.    No Rapid Fire
9.    Dry Firing is permitted only at the firing line
10.  Hand guns limited to 5 cartridges in Magazine or Cylinder at a time
11.  Rifles (.22 long rifle only), 1 cartridge at a time
12.  Paper targets only – No human silhouette targets
13.  Minimum Target Distance from firing line is 20 feet – marked as orange line on walls
14.  No moving targets
15.  Do not use a lane if the trolley doesn’t work
       a.    Use provided signs to mark inoperable lanes
16.  Only one shooter per lane
       a.    One instructor may be in the lane in addition to the shooter
17.  No shooting with lights off
18.  Be courteous to waiting shooters and limit your time
19.  Food and beverages allowed in the observation area only – NOT IN FIRING RANGE
20.  Clean-Up after yourself, police your brass and dispose of your trash

Remember we are ALL range officers.  On the range anyone can call a cease-fire if violations are observed.  It is our individual responsibility to make the range safe for everyone.


Please dispose of all brass larger than .22 in the red bucket. Dust, dirt, and .22 brass must be disposed of using the vacuum. 

 Metropolitan Police Revolver League starts Jan 14, 2020

*** INDOOR RANGE rules ***

Indoor Handgun Range

Indoor Pistol Range is reserved for the Metropolitan POLICE REVOLVER League each Tuesday  night 6:30pm to 9:30 pm until April 9, 2020

Library Sportsmen's Association

L.S.A. will again sponsor a team in the Metropolitan Police Revolver League. This league is shot at our indoor range from Jan to Apr each year. There is no travel involved and the range is reserved for us each Tuesday from 6:30-9:30 pm. Matches start January 9, 2019. 

The league requires a rimfire and/or centerfire revolver or pistol (capable of holding 5 rounds) with 30 rounds for each match for 14 matches. They occur once per week for 14 weeks (note: a revolver is not required as the league’s name implies). The course of fire is the National Match Bullseye course from 50 feet, one handed, in six strings of 5 shots each (therefore 30 rounds per match). These strings are timed.

Cost is $10.00 per gun plus $10.00 for targets for the entire season plus the daily $4.00 range fee. (Most shooters shoot both a rimfire and a centerfire gun-but that is not a requirement.) Matches can be shot ahead but not caught-up from behind. Matches can also be shot during the week of the scheduled match if witnessed and scored by a league member. Medals are given for Club standings based on a shooter’s best 10 matches.

Please give this opportunity a thought if you want to improve your pistolcraft. Many experienced and good shooters are on the team and are very willing to help new participants.

More information can be had by calling Eric Young, at 412-616-9718.