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The League Requirements are: A club team consists of 8 shooters; 5 scores count for each team; A shooter must shoot at least once at each club; A shooter must compete in 7 of the 10 shoots to qualify for the post season; Only qualified shooters are eligible to compete for post season prizes.
These are Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) registered shoots. You must be a member of the ATA to participate. There are 3 events - 100 16 yard targets; 100 Handicap Targets; 50 pairs of Double Targets.  You do not have to shoot all events. Registration: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Entry Fee: $21.00 per 100 targets. 


LSA 2019/2020 Fall-Winter Trapshooting League Guidelines

Entry forms will be available on September 5th for the 2019/2020 Library Sportsmen's Association Fall/Winter Trap League. The league will start Thursday September 26th at 6 PM and run every Thursday night for 20 weeks, (except for Thanksgiving Day and December 26th).

The league will consist of 25 targets per week for a league total of 500 targets. The guideline for the league and requirements to qualify for the prizes at the March 14th, 2020 Banquet are:

There is a $10.00 league entry fee. The cost of each round of 25 targets is $7.00 for adults, $6.00 for juniors and $7.00 for non-LSA members.

▪ Shoot on one of the first 4 Thursdays for your score to count toward team standings, and to enter the OPTIONAL Lewis class Jackpot.
▪ Teams will be established on October 17th by (1) using the average score of participants from the  2018/19 League: (2)using the average of the first 4 weeks scores of new shooters and equalizing the talent on each team.
▪ Each Thursday your League rounds must be shot before any practice rounds.
▪ You can shoot AHEAD as far as you want, the AHEAD scores will be applied to the next available week.
▪ You can shoot BACK (catch up) as many times as you want. Back shooting will be allowed on February 27th and March 5th to complete the 500   targets requirement

 You CANNOT sign-up on multiple squads at one time. You must complete your round before signing up for another.
▪ The final team and OPTIONAL Lewis class jackpot standings will be based on week #20, February 20th, 2020 scores.
▪ The OPTIONAL Lewis Class Jackpot ($25.00 entry fee) will be based on the seasons scores (500 targets) and will be awarded at the banquet.
▪ The number of Lewis classes will be determined by the number of entrants by October 17th 2019. If there are not enough entrants for at least 3 Lewis classes, the entry fee will be refunded. The Lewis class jackpot will be divided in each class-50% for 1st 30% for 2nd and 20% for 3rd. there will be at least 9 winners. All ties will be split equally.

The League banquet will be on Saturday, March 14th, 2020 at 5 PM in the main club house. The prizes and gifts awarded at the banquet will be determined by the income the league generates. All income will be used to pay for banquet food, prizes recognition gifts and door prizes. There will be prizes and recognition gifts for:

▪ Top gun
▪ Top gun runner-up
▪ Top Senior (70 years and older)
▪ Top Women shooter
▪ Top Junior shooter
▪ All teams will get prizes based on their teams finishing position
▪ All the shooters scores will count towards team standings. If a team has less shooters finish than other teams, the number of shooters to count will be determined by the team with the fewest finishers. Ex: if the team with the fewest to finish the league is 8 the top 8 scores will count for all teams.
▪ If there is a tie for Hi gun a 25 bird shoot off will be held. If there is still a tie, rounds of 25 will be shot until there is a winner. All other for individual awards will be split equally. Team ties will be decided by a coin flip at the banquet.

▪ Each league member attending the banquet will be given a door prize ticket, which will be drawn for prizes during the banquet.
▪ We will have gun club fare and 50/50 raffle each Thursday.

Volunteers to assist with these features are appreciated. Contact Joe Mele at if you can help. As always we welcome new ideas to enhance the League.

Join the fun and camaraderie

The Trap Committee.

2020 ​West Penn League-postponed due to covid-19

Prices for Trap:

 - $3 per round for Juniors
 - $4 per round for Members
 - $6 *Fall / Winter Trap League
 - $5 per round for Guests

LSA 2020-2021 Fall-Winter Trap Shooting League STARTS September