LSA Scholarship

The Library Sportsman Board of Directors, in 2017, commissioned a fund, to be used for the purpose of aiding the children and grandchildren of current library Sportsman members in good standing. 


Two $1000.00 scholarships were awarded that first year.  Subsequently, scholarships have been awarded each year.   


Since that inaugural scholarship award, the board has set up a committee to carry on with the LSA Scholarship.  The goal of the scholarship was to help LSA families with the ever-increasing cost associated with higher learning.  


The BOD also recognized that with uncertainty in the economy, and inflation hurting so many families, this year, they have increased the scholarship award to 2,000.00, but have also allowed 2 recipients to win, with an opportunity for other recipients if members contribute. The BOD will match the donations on a dollar-for-dollar basis, up to 1,000.00. Please consider contributing to this wonderful fund. All prizes go directly to LSA family members.


The scholarship program for 2022 has concluded. The applicants were very qualified and it made the judging difficult!!  The winners were:

  • Blake Menalik

  • Megan Kwaitkowski

  • Kristie Faber

  • Stefania DiPrampero


Thank you to all of the applicants!


Please check back in January 2023 for updates.

For members wishing to help fund future scholarships, please e-mail Tony Folino at


Every dollar helps...don't forget… LSA will match each dollar (up to 1,000.00)