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LSA Scholarship

I wish to congratulate all of the incredible high school seniors, who will soon embark on their next journey to colleges and universities across the U.S.

First, thank you to all the students that participated in this year's event. I know from reading your application and essays, that you will find success in your upcoming studies. Above that, I wish you all to have a wonderful college experience. I hope you make time to go to as many campus activities as possible. Find the time to go to sporting events, campus clubs, Greek life, and campus ministries, explore your college community, and so much more! Get involved early in campus life as the more you put in then the more you will get out of it!  Stay focused on your studies but participate in every aspect of college life. It will go fast, so take it all in!! 


Moreover, this year's scholarship roll-out was the 'first' for so many reasons.

It was our first attempt at executing the scholarship campaign completely paperless. In accordance with the Library Sportsmen’s Association Conservation Pledge, we are now administering the scholarship campaign 100% electronically. This affected how the students accessed the application, to their completion, including how they submit their transcripts within the same program. The Scholarship Committee members, charged with the duty of scoring each candidate’s credentials and essays, also received the applicants completed application files electronically and submitted their scoring in the same manner. This year, we also opened the scholarship in January, so that students would have ample time to submit their applications thoughtfully. This proved to be successful as this year marked the highest turnout of individuals participating in the scholarship. Our candidates did not disappoint and were very impressive!

These processes will continue from this year forward for future scholarship campaigns. Therefore, any families with rising seniors graduating high school in 2024, please be on the lookout for scholarship applications notices right after the annual Christmas Ham Shoot.

The applications will open in early January on the LSA Website under the scholarship tab.

The LSA scholarship program began back in 2017 with only one winner. The award was a single $1,000.00 prize. Since then, our Board of Directors increased the amount to two thousand dollars. Fortunately, thanks to an anonymous contribution from an LSA member, we have been able to award more scholarships to more students. The 6th annual campaign proved challenging as well. The scholarship committee after tallying up the final calculations, found the scoring to be so tight, we felt the need to ask our club president if we could split the prize money to help other candidates whose total scores were mirror images of each other at the top
quartile. Our president Bob Englert went to the board. Instead of splitting the award money, they added to it, so that more of our club's students earned scholarships to assist them with the ever-rising cost of a college education. We have been able to support our members high-achieving student's in their pursuit of a college education through the generosity of our Board of Directors and hopefully with more donations from our membership.

I would now like to announce the scholarship award winners for the seventh annual Library Sportsmen Association Scholarship. 

This year's winners are:

  •  Ryan Long 

  •  Colton Bush

  •  Joshua Zahnisier

  •  Martina Tatalias

  •  Kaitlyn Hillenbrand

  •  Wolfram Schmidt 

  •  Alessia Castellone

  •  Braden Havel

I am very thankful to the LSA Scholarship Committee, our President and Board of Directors, and all who give to make a difference.

Once again congratulations to our winners and good luck to all of our amazing applicants.
Until the opening of the 8th Annual Scholarship Application in eight short months, let me close by wishing everyone a wonderful summer, filled with fun and leisure...and enjoyed with friends and family. Enjoy!


Best Regards,
Anthony N Folino 
LSA Scholarship Chairman

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